You Must See These Kate Middleton's Best Looks from Last Year ...

By Teresa

Kate Middleton is always one of the most stylish women in the spotlight, no matter the year, and has been since she walked down the aisle to marry Prince William. Every year she wows us again, and this year was no different when she had her second child! These are definitely some of her best outfits of 2015!

1 Princess Charlotte's Christening

Princess Charlotte's Christening Source: Kate Middleton Looked Lovely in
Even as a new mom of two, Kate looks perfectly put-together.

2 Hot Pink Mulberry Coat

Hot Pink Mulberry Coat Source: Is Kate Middleton Trying to
This statement coat is absolutely stunning!

3 Mummy and Son Day

Mummy and Son Day Source: Celebrity Gossip, Entertainment News &
It's amazing how royal Kate looks even when she's running after her toddler!

4 Downton Abbey Visit

Downton Abbey Visit Source: It's a Girl! Celebrate the
While she didn't make as many appearances this year due to her pregnancy, this rare maternity appearance was a hit!

5 Dramatic Print and Style

Dramatic Print and Style Source: Duchess of Cambridge wows in
We're so used to seeing the Duchess in solid colors, this unique number is so beautiful on her!

6 Classic Portrait

Classic Portrait Source: ROYAL STYLIST : Photo
This portrait is going to be iconic for years to come!

7 Kate Middleton and Prince George at the Park

Kate Middleton and Prince George at the Park Source: Kate Middleton and Prince George's
Even in a flannel, no makeup, and with her hair tied back, Kate looks so stylish!

8 Service of Commemoration Outfit

Service of Commemoration Outfit Source: Kate Photostream
This black ensemble is so perfect for the Remembrance Day service and she looks absolutely regal!

9 Army Green Coat

Army Green Coat Source: Hold the Phone: You've Got
Is it possible that this picture proves Kate is the first royal to wear leggings as pants? It just may be!

10 Spectre Premiere

Spectre Premiere Source: Duchess of Cambridge goes braless
It's not every day that you see a royal at a movie premiere, and she really stole the show in this Jenny Peckham dress!

11 Recycled Dress

Recycled Dress Source: Duchess of Cambridge wows in
If you have a good eye, you'll recognize this beautiful number from 2012!

12 Classic Dress

Classic Dress Source: Kate Middleton goes back to
This modest dress is also incredibly stylish!

13 Unique Print

Unique Print Source: Fashion, Shopping & Style Kate
I love seeing Kate try out new patterns, and this subtle black and white print is gorgeous!

14 Blue Floral

Blue Floral Source: Kate Middleton takes part in
This blue floral dress is so unique and so classic at the same time!

15 Regal in Red

Regal in Red Source: The Duchess of Cambridge Looks
In her tiara and red dress, Kate definitely looks like royalty!

16 Stunning Blue

Stunning Blue Source: Duchess of Cambridge and Holly
This dress and its gorgeous blue color will stop you in your tracks!

17 Matching Athletic Gear

Matching Athletic Gear Source: 23 of the Sweetest Kate
Do William and Kate win cutest matching couple of 2015? Definitely!

18 Bold Accents

Bold Accents Source: Kate Middleton's Most Memorable Outfits
The green accents really pop on this gray dress!

19 Running around with Prince George

Running around with Prince George Source: Kate Middleton's Most Memorable Outfits
Leave it to Kate to look regal in a striped shirt and jeans!

What's your favorite Kate Middleton look from 2015? Let me know in the comments!

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