7 Reasons Why Robert Downey Jr. is the Highest Paid Actor in Hollywood ...


Entertainment news websites and magazines were recently screaming this headline: "Robert Downey Jr.

is the Highest Paid Actor"!

But it's not surprising really, as Mr.

Downey had six films that earned more than $500 million in the box office.2

In this post, I am walking down memory lane remembering his previous works that make up some of the reasons why Robert Downey Jr.

is the highest paid actor in Hollywood:

1. He is Iron Man

While he was already known in the movie industry as an actor armed with critically-acclaimed films, Mr.

Downey rose to superhero status with his portrayal of this Marvel Comics character and its alter-ego, Tony Stark.

It was unexpected for him to be casted in the role but when the first Iron Man film came out in 2008, we all know why he was the best person to wear that suit.

Robert Downey Jr.

is the highest paid actor because he IS Ironman.

I said it.

That's it!

2. He Was Chaplin

But before he became Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr.

came out in the silver screen and played Charlie Chaplin in the 1992 film that earned him an Academy Award nomination as Best Actor.

He was brilliant in this film and took time to learn how to play the violin and hold a tennis racket using his left hand.

3. His Comeback Slammed All Comebacks

Read Mr.

Downey's life story and you'll be drowned in the number of drug-related arrests that involved him.

He was a junkie as young as eight (or six if you read other accounts) and went on with the habit even when he became a professional actor.

The years 1996 to 2001 were a tumultuous time for him but when he came back, he was all set to reconquer the world that he left for a while.

He made a string of films, including A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, Fur, Good Night, and Good Luck, A Scanner Darkly, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and Zodiac.

Then he became Iron Man and Lazarus in Tropic Thunder to name a few.

Indeed, making movies is lovelier the second time around.

He's Friends with Mel Gibson
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