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Alicia Silverstone is a famous actress, an animal rights activist, and an environmental activist, and these are just a few of the reasons Alicia Silverstone is a role model. Alicia Silverstone was launched into stardom when she starred in the movie Clueless. Since that time she has become most known for her activism and her books, “The Kind Diet,” and the “The Kind Mama”. While staying in the spotlight, Alicia Silverstone has kept her integrity, which is just one of the reasons Alicia Silverstone is a role model.

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Stays True to Herself

Although her actions have occasionally been controversial, Alicia Silverstone has always done what she believes in. Many people were shocked when she said she chewed her son’s food and fed him like a baby bird. However, despite the shock and criticisms, Alicia remained true to herself and did what she thought was best. Whether or not you agree with her actions, you can admire that no matter what people say about her she sticks to what she believes in. Staying true to herself is just one of the reasons Alicia Silverstone is a role model.



Among the many causes Alicia fights for, environmentalism is one of them. She is an outspoken environmentalist, and even offers tips in her book, “The Kind Diet” for ways to help the environment. She suggests reusing items, buying second hand, recycling, and using natural materials. It is great that the advice she offers is something everyone can do, because reducing our environmental impact is important, and it is wonderful that Alicia is showing people how it can be done.


Takes Action

Alicia takes action by being an activist for various causes, but also by trying to find solutions to problems. For example, she wanted a clean, vegan, organic, whole foods vitamin, and when she couldn’t find one she contacted Garden of Life and asked them to develop a vitamin to her specifications. The vitamin they made, Kind Organics, was recently released. By taking action, Alicia was able to achieve a goal of a vegan, whole foods vitamin, and by following suit, you can take action and achieve a goal of your own.



Alicia is a very outspoken activist. While, as a vegan, I appreciate her animal rights activism, you don’t have to agree with her to learn a valuable lesson. Alicia’s outspoken nature teaches people to speak up for what they believe in, whatever that may be.


Wealth of Information

Alicia has written two books, and has a blog, thekindlife.com, all of which have a lot of very helpful information. You can find great information about health, green living, veganism, and motherhood in her books and on her blog. There is something for just about everyone.


Walks the Walk

Not only is Alicia Silverstone an outspoken activist, she also lives what she preaches. She lives in an eco-friendly house, eats a vegan diet, buys clothes second hand, and gives away things she doesn’t need or want any more instead of throwing them away. It is very admirable that she actually lives in a way that matches what she believes in and fights for.


Open to New Ideas

In her book, “The Kind Diet,” Alicia explains that her husband was interested in a macrobiotic diet, but she was resistant at first. Despite her resistance she decided to try it and ended up feeling fantastic. I am not suggesting you follow a macrobiotic diet, but I am suggesting keeping an open mind like Alicia did because it allows you to learn and experience so much.

Even if you are not a vegan and don’t agree with everything Alicia Silverstone does, you can still look to her as a role model. She is a strong woman who fights for what she believes in, which is something we can all learn from. What do you admire about Alicia Silverstone?

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