7 Awesome Reasons to Love Josh Peck ...

There are so many fantastic reasons to love Josh Peck. He crept into our hearts when he played Josh Nichols on Nickelodeon's 'Drake & Josh.' Truth be told, I watch those reruns way more than I'd like to admit. It just never gets old! A lot of people think Josh just dropped off the Hollywood radar but that's far from being true! He's still around and better than ever. Check out some awesome reasons to love Josh Peck!

1. His Good Looks

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Hubba hubba. I'll give you a minute to let this sink in. Josh grew up to be such a stud! His transformation is incredible and he's always flattered when fans acknowledge it. He was always adorable but now he's just downright beautiful. Am I right, ladies?! This is just one of the reasons to love Josh Peck!

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