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Whether or not you’ve got a Tumblr blog yourself, you’ll love checking out each of the best celebrity Tumblrs on this list! Each blog on this list is current and updated regularly. Each one is fantastic in its own way - some will have you in fits of giggles, others will fill you full of inspiration. Whichever is the case, you’re sure to want to keep checking up on each of these best celebrity Tumblrs and seeing what your favourites are up to!

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Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz Pete Wentz, bassist from alternative punk rock band Fall Out Boy, can be found on Tumblr at, very simply, petewentz. He is unusual in the sense that he rarely posts about himself, instead he posts quirky and interesting photos he has found amongst the depths of the Internet. If you’re after a blog that’s easy to look through and is updated regularly, this is definitely one of the best celebrity Tumblrs for that purpose!


Troian Bellisario

Troian Bellisario Like pretty pictures? Like quotes? Like pensive black and white gifs? You’d better head on over to my favourite Pretty Little Liar’s blog, Troian Bellisario at katuriankaturiankaturian. She is constantly posting groovy pictures full of floral and angst, which makes for a very cool blog! She seems to dabble in photography herself and regularly posts her own photos taken in all sorts of exotic locations. Everything on Troian’s blog is reblog-worthy, so get ready to fill your blog’s queue!


Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams Hayley Williams, lead singer of Paramore, can be found on Tumblr at yelyahwilliams. She posts a vast range of things, ranging from pictures, gifs, videos, feminism-powered posts, answers to fan-asked questions and sweet quotes. It becomes apparent just from scrolling through her blog that she is a really lovely gal, and one thing’s for sure - you’ll never regret adding this blog to your bookmarks.


Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys There is no doubt soulful crooner Alicia Keys is a gorgeous girl, and this becomes even more apparent on her Tumblr blog, thekeysofalicia. She posts anything from videos of herself performing to links about how you can help people in need. Alicia Keys is a thoughtful, philanthropic person and she regularly posts about her kind-hearted opinions on poverty. If you feel like following an inspirational blog, Alicia Keys’ is definitely the one.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Hands up if you think Joseph Gordon-Levitt is just the cutest!? On Tumblr you can find him at hitrecordjoe, where he posts videos, pictures and links to merchandise. He also directs a production company called hitRECord, which is open and collaborative, so he’s also always posting ways that you can get involved in his company! Sound great? I thought so too. Not only does Joseph’s blog have a range of great things to look at, it can also get you noticed. Wonderful!


Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne If you’re following the global Cara Delevingne craze, then you’d better head over to her blog, iamcaradelevingne! The main bulk of her posts are photos, often with quirky little captions underneath. She often takes photos of graffiti she finds of herself, which must be a totally strange experience! If you’re on the lookout for a blog just as unique as the model herself, Cara’s blog might be worth a look.


John Green

John Green Want a blog run by someone you can really interact with? Try out John Green’s blog at fishingboatproceeds. John Green is the author of Looking for Alaska and The Fault in Our Stars and is always updating his Tumblr, posting breaking news about the new TFIOS movie, pictures of himself, videos and, more importantly, questions that people have sent him that he has answered. Out of all the blogs on this list, John Green’s is certainly the most interactive.



Beyonce All hail Queen B! If intimate concert photos and some amazing fashion inspiration from Beyonce herself sounds perfect to you (how couldn’t it!?) then you definitely have to check out her blog at iam.beyonce. She posts video diaries from her tours, pictures of herself looking totally glamorous (when doesn’t she?) and great backstage shots from her shows. If you’re a huge Beyonce fan, you must check her Tumblr out!


Kevin McHale

Kevin McHale You’ll know Kevin McHale as adorable Artie Abrams from Glee, but you can also find him on Tumblr at sickofmyownvoice. He is constantly posting photos of himself and the rest of the Glee cast, funny gifs, groovy songs and snapshots of his darling cat! If you want a peek into the private life of a celebrity, then this might just be the blog for you!

I hope you enjoy checking out the Tumblrs of celebrities on this list! Blogs are a great way to keep up with things your favourite celebrity is up to, and having access to them often means you also have access to breaking news regarding tours, personal events or anything else you could think of! Which celebrity Tumblr is your favourite?

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