9 Best Celebrity Tumblrs You Should Follow ...

Whether or not you’ve got a Tumblr blog yourself, you’ll love checking out each of the best celebrity Tumblrs on this list! Each blog on this list is current and updated regularly. Each one is fantastic in its own way - some will have you in fits of giggles, others will fill you full of inspiration. Whichever is the case, you’re sure to want to keep checking up on each of these best celebrity Tumblrs and seeing what your favourites are up to!

1. Pete Wentz

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Pete Wentz, bassist from alternative punk rock band Fall Out Boy, can be found on Tumblr at, very simply, petewentz. He is unusual in the sense that he rarely posts about himself, instead he posts quirky and interesting photos he has found amongst the depths of the Internet. If you’re after a blog that’s easy to look through and is updated regularly, this is definitely one of the best celebrity Tumblrs for that purpose!

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