7 Celebrities Wearing Digital Print Dresses – Who Wore It Better?

Who wore it better? When it comes to celebrities and their outfit choices, this is a game we can all be guilty of playing at one point or another. One trend we’re seeing a lot of lately is digital print. Since most designer digital prints are out of the budgets of us mere mortals, celebrities tend to be the clothes hangers of choice for these wonderful garments. When it comes to these celebrities and their digital print dresses, you tell me – who wore it better?

1. Kristen Stewart

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Let’s kick off this who wore it better game with one of the biggest celebrities at the moment - Kristen Stewart. She’s also making quite a name for herself in the fashion game and here she wears one of Peter Pilotto’s bright digital print dresses. It’s fun and youthful, which definitely suits her style.

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