10 Celebrities Wearing Dungarees Who Wore It Best?


10 Celebrities Wearing Dungarees  Who Wore It Best?
10 Celebrities Wearing Dungarees  Who Wore It Best?

This edition of the ‘who wore it best’ battles sees celebrities rocking a childhood favourite. Dungarees, or overalls, are no longer just for kids. A lot of grown up celebrities are making this childhood favourite a must-have fashion trend. But how fashionable is it, really? Check out the following celebrities wearing dungarees and be sure to let us know who wore it best!

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Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung Alexa Chung sure does love her dungarees and she’s definitely a contender for who wore it best. I wouldn’t be surprised if her fondness for dungarees has something to do with their rising popularity. Here she teams a washed out black pair of dungarees with a simple white blouse, quirky flats, and a chic quilted handbag.


Selma Blair

Selma Blair Selma Blair rocks more of a grunge look in her baggy dungarees. She teams her faded dungarees with a black tank top, aviator sunglasses, and black handbag. It’s a fairly casual look with a bit of edge about it.


Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott English singer-songwriter Pixie Lott wears her dungarees out at night. She wears them in a fitted cut and teams them with a black turtleneck top and tassel loafers. The bright pink lipstick adds a fun touch to the entire outfit.


Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum Heidi Klum keeps it oh so casual in her dungarees. She wears them low and loose, with a strappy black singlet underneath. She accessorises with aviator sunglasses, pendant necklaces, and casual sneakers. The entire look is laid-back and fuss-free.



Rihanna If anyone knows how to rock a trend it’s Rihanna. She goes for a casual street look and wears her dungarees undone with a slouchy black and white tank top, cropped jacket, and sporty sneakers. The bright beanie adds a pop of colour to the entire look.


Jameela Jamil

Jameela Jamil British television presenter Jameela Jamil shows us that you can wear your dungarees in a more polished way. She teams her short denim dungarees with a polka dot blouse, chic white blazer and pointy heels. The look is fun and playful, but without the rough and tumble feel you usually get from dungarees.


Helena Christensen

Helena Christensen Helena Christensen works a different angle and wears her dungarees in a dusty pink colour. Coloured dungarees are a great alternative to your usual blue denim varieties. She teams her dungarees with a pink singlet underneath and with brown ballet flats. The red jacket tied around the waist also gives this outfit a very '90s feel.


Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler Liv Tyler looks relaxed wearing her blue denim dungarees. She wears them cuffed at the ankles with a printed tank top and black ballet flats. She also wears cat eye sunglasses and a cute leopard print bag, which add fun details to the outfit.


Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes She’s mostly famous for wearing dungarees as Joey in ‘Dawson’s Creek’ but Katie Holmes also wears them in real life. She wears her dungarees cuffed at the ankles and with simple lace up shoes. She covers up with a black cardigan and sports some red sunnies for a bit of colour.


Alexa Chung (Again)

Alexa Chung (Again) This is Alexa’s second entry on the list, mainly because she seems to wear dungarees all the time! Here she teams short navy dungarees with a classic striped top and espadrille wedges. It’s a very French inspired look.

These are just a few examples of celebrities sporting their dungarees. Whether they are hits or misses is yet to be decided. What do you think of the dungaree trend? Who do you think wore it best?

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Pixie Lott!




@Rae Quigley totally agreeee !


Pixie and both Alexa's

Jameela Jamil

Obviously miss Katie Holmes looks the classiest in her overalls...

Pixie #3

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