10 Celebrities Wearing Polka Dots – Who Wore It Best?

Polka dots are having a huge moment right now and there’s no shortage of celebrities wearing polka dots. Polka dots seem to be a favourite with celebrities both on and off the red carpet. Whether it’s a cute dress, chic blouse or tailored coat, these celebrities show us that there are plenty of different ways to wear your polka dots. Check out these celebrities wearing polka dots and let us know who you think pulled them off the best.

1. Alexa Chung

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Trust Alexa Chung to be all over the polka dot trend. Here she works a relaxed look in a navy and white polka dot blouse tucked into high-waisted shorts. She keeps it chic by wearing black pointed shoes. As far as celebrities wearing polka dots go, this is a great example of an outfit that you could easily recreate on a budget.

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