9 Celebrities Wearing Plaid – Who Wore It Best?

Lately we’ve spotted a number of celebrities wearing plaid clothing. Plaid was a pretty big trend on the Fall 2013 runways, so expect to be seeing plenty more of this preppy print in the next couple of months. From classic preppy plaid to more punk-inspired looks, this is one versatile print. Check out these celebrities wearing plaid outfits and let us know who you think wore this trend the best.

1. Blake Lively

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Blake Lively starts off our list of celebrities wearing plaid in this Gucci belted dress. You don’t usually see plaid worn as eveningwear but this dress could easily be styled up for a cocktail event. The plunging neckline and halterneck style of the dress shows off some skin and keeps the whole outfit from coming across as too dowdy. She completes her look with bright green earrings, cap toe heels, and a metallic manicure.

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