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Courteney Proud of David for Checking into Rehab...

By Yusuf

One of the weirdest couples in Tinsel Town today is definitely Courteney Cox and David Arquette. Although separated, Courteney is still standing by her husband who has clearly seen no worse days.

Right from the announcement of their split, David has been the role-model for not taking bad news well. Boozing out of control, making irate calls at weird hours and as is now being revealed, frequenting strip clubs and getting all dirty with the women there.

David checked into rehab over the weekend due to all of his issues lately and more specifically a night he spent at Skins strip club on December 7. Apparently he dropped $2000 on the dancers and was a lot more than hands on.

"He wasn't doling out singles, that's for sure. David appeared wasted and was enjoying himself with multiple dancers all night. The girls were naked and all over him and he loved the attention", says a source.

Before the bit about his skin club became public, Courteney was speaking publicly about how proud she is. "I really admire David and his choice to take charge and better his life," Courteney told People. "I love and support him".

I just hope these two can sort their mess out and work things out. For some reason, I always loved them together!

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