10 Facts about Model Gigi Hadid That'll Make You Wish You Were BFFs ...


Gigi Hadid set Paris Fashion Week alight, and now you can’t move without seeing her on billboards or magazines. But the best thing about the new 19-year-old supermodel? She’s totally down to earth. Here’s some amazing facts about her, so you can dream of dominating Paris’ next Fashion Week (and totally impress your friends in the meantime).

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Her Mom is a Real Housewife

Wondering if you’ve heard Gigi’s name before? You probably have. Her mom, Yolanda Foster, joined The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills back in 2012. Gigi was featured – she was shown graduating high school, and moving to New York City. I guess we all know what happened after that!


She’s of Dutch and Palestinian Descent

Wondering where those gorgeous good looks come from? Malibu-born Gigi has a Palestinian dad, property developer Mohamed Hadid, and a Dutch supermodel mom (Yolanda Foster, as mentioned above). She grew up in Papendrecht, Holland.


She’s Linked to the Kardashians

It’s a weak link, but it’s there! Gigi’s mom is now married to David Foster, who used to be married to Linda Thompson. Yep, the same Linda Thompson who was married to Bruce Jenner. That means her step-dad is Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s half-brothers’ former step-dad.


Kendall and Gigi Are Tight

Gigi already has a celeb fanbase – she’s great pals with Kendall Jenner, as well as Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift. Gigi’s Instagram makes compulsive viewing – just check out the photos of her and Kendall on holiday!


She’s a Natural at This, by Now

Gigi hasn’t just hit the modeling screens. She had her first job aged just two years old, when she was discovered by Guess founder Paul Marciano. She starred in campaigns for both Baby Guess and Guess Kids before her ‘retirement’ to enjoy a normal childhood – and now she’s back.


She’s Born with It

Yep, that’s right. Gigi is the new face of Maybelline, who announced that they’d snapped her up as a brand ambassador just last month. Gigi has a sweet story about Maybelline, too – the first beauty product she ever owned was a superstay 24hr concealer from the brand, which she hid from her mom because she wasn’t allowed to wear make up.


She Has a Versatile Wardrobe

Gigi splits her time pretty evenly between Malibu, her hometown, and New York City. That means her wardrobe is pretty versatile! She acknowledges that she's a beach chick when she’s home, stepping it up to model chic when she’s out and about in New York. Plenty of outfit inspiration regardless of where you live, then.


She Doesn’t Have Expensive Tastes

Despite walking the catwalk for labels like Marc Jacobs and Chanel, Gigi doesn’t have expensive tastes. In fact, she revealed that she washes her face with “cheap stuff from CVS”, and said that when she runs out she “picks whichever one I think looks the coolest or smells good.” Her must-have product, then? Fresh Sugar Lemon Bath Gel.


She’s a Boxer

Yes, that’s right. While she grew up riding horses and playing volleyball, since her arrival in New York she’s found a love for boxing, and it seems she’s pretty good at it!


She’s Dating Cody Simpson

They’ve been on-and-off dating since 2013, although they’re currently very much together. SUCH an adorable couple!

I love how down to earth Gigi is – she definitely seems like someone who could be friends with anyone. Which model would you love to learn more about?

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Her mom Yolanda is beautiful as well.

It's nice to know that Gigi is so down to earth and not like yr average celeb who has to have the best of everything

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