9 Heroic Women from World War I and II ...

Because of two major anniversaries (on August 4 in 1914, Britain officially declared war on Germany), there’s a lot of focus on both World Wars this year, so I thought I’d like to introduce to you some of the heroic women from World War I and II. Back in the early and mid 20th century, the opportunities for women were very different of those today, which makes the stories of these incredibly heroic women from World War I and II even more remarkable.

1. Edith Cavell

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To start off the list of heroic women from the World Wars is Edith Cavell. She worked extensively during the First World War, using her nursing knowledge to aid soldiers from both sides of the fighting. She was a staunch Anglican, and is believed to have said that she “cannot stop while there are lives to be saved” – a sentiment which, sadly, led to her being court martialed by the Germans for helping in the escape of 200 Allied soldiers from Belgium. A truly outstanding woman.

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