9 J-Law Moments That Left Us in Total Awe ...

Since Jennifer Lawrence is officially my girl crush (it's okay, Heather knows), I'm kind of obsessed with the best J-Law moments – and goodness knows the girl has had a lot. This young lady is a superstar, and for more reasons than just her acting chops. She's proven she's talented – Winter's Bone, The Hunger Games, even her turn as baby Mystique – but she's also a genuinely cool, real person. This girl is down, and if you have any lingering doubts, check out these fantabulous J-Law moments and see if they convince you.

1. This is the Top & This is the Bottom

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β€œLike this is the top, and this is the bottom.” Is there any better way to describe a fancy dress when you're not quite used to dressing in couture? Many of my favorite J-Law moments occurred at award shows or on the red carpet, and this most certainly tops the list. Protip: if you ever have the chance to describe your dress this way, even if it's at prom or an office party, just do it.

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