7 Gorgeous Celebrities with the Best Hair ...

In Hollywood, almost every celeb has great hair because of their endless hours spent in a salon, but these celebs stand out as the celebrities with the best hair. They are not afraid to try new styles, experiment with color, or simply stick to what is working for them. They all have a unique style that helps them stand out against the crowd of so many other celebs. While everyone has their own personal preferences for who the celebrities with the best hair are, these are hands down my favorite.

1. Adele

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How could I start a list of the celebrities with the best hair without putting Adele first? Her hair is absolutely stunning! She has a very '60s vibe to her hair and loves tons of volume. And nobody can rock a ponytail like Adele. Whether it is blonde or brown, you know that Adele’s hair will always be perfectly in place and looking fabulous.

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