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Jonas Brother Keen on Glee

By Yusuf

We already seem to have forgotten about the band of three brothers that everyone thought would last forever. One of those very brothers - Nick Jonas – is now hoping to get a guest spot on Glee so he can gain some recognition once again.

Nick is hoping for a call from the show’s creator Ryan Murphy and says he’d be honored to be part of the show.

“Everybody says this, obviously, in the entertainment business because it's such a popular show - that's why I'm reluctant to say it from time to time - but I really do appreciate the use of music in 'Glee.' I think everyone can relate that's in the music business. Everyone's just thankful that music is kind of popular again because 'Glee' does a great job of incorporating it into the show,” says Nick.

“I would humbly say that if there's ever an opportunity they see that I could work well on that show, I would be honoured. Plus I think that cast is really talented - it would be fun.”

The kid might have his heart in the right place, but doesn’t seem like he’s going to be getting a spot on the show anytime soon. After all, there is a long queue for it.

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