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Justin and Jesse's Social Network Woes ...

By Yusuf

There was a time in school when irony was my favorite literary technique and I would constantly seek it in everyday life. And a classic example of an irony would be that Justin Timberlake and Jesse Eisenberg - the stars from The Social Network - don’t have Facebook accounts!

Jesse had said earlier that he does not have an active account on the social networking site. And the only reason he had signed up on Facebook was to understand better his role as its creator for the movie. In fact, Jesse has even said that the only mode of ‘social networking’ that he uses is his phone and is not present on any of the popular sites. How does he even survive!?

Justin on the other hand has had quite a few candid remarks about his reasons for staying away from Facebook. From his cheeky quote last week “I don’t connect personally with people over Facebook probably just because I’m too stupid to do it”, he has now moved on to a more philosophical (I’m sure that’s what he was trying for) “Facebook is still a hypothesis”. Whatever his reasons be, I’m sure that if he tries it once he will not be able to stay off. What say?

What will truly be ironic at the end is if this blockbuster-slated movie wins him an Oscar!!

Have you seen the movie yet? If yes, what do you think of it? Also, would you be able to stay off the social networking sites for even one month?

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