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Stars Come out in Support of DADT Repeal ...

By Yusuf

One of the more publicly homophobic government policies was repealed yesterday and a lot of celebrity voices were heard all over the Twitterverse cheering the senate's vote.

The policy in question, 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell', required men and women joining the armed services to conceal their sexual preferences or risk being kicked out. The policy though has been in force on and off, it was finally repealed yesterday.

Lady Gaga tweeted in response, "Can't hold back the tears + pride. We did it!! Our voice was heard + today the Senate REPEALED DADT. A triumph for equality after 17 YEARS. Today I am so proud to be American. I wish I was home so I could throw a Parade. We are on the full equal".

"Thank you Senators for pushing us one step closer towards full equality", Ellen Degeneres wrote on her page.

"SUPPORTING ALL OUR TROOPS! RT @Pink: Congrats 2 US!!! REPEAL of DADT & 17 years of allowing Human Rights Violations. There's hope after all," Katy Perry wrote.

Various other stars including Neil Patrick Harris, Kathy Griffin, Sophia Bush (from One Tree Hill) and Jesse Tyler Ferguson (from Modern Family) gave voice to their joy as well.

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