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Kelsey Grammer's Daughter Won't Be Part of the Nuptials ...

By Yusuf

Just as we thought that the Kelsey-Camille Grammer drama was over with the divorce, Camille seems to want to draw out the issue some more.

As it turns out, Mason – Kelsey and Camille’s 9-year-old daughter – has opted to not attend her father’s upcoming nuptials. And this, according to Camille’s rep is all Mason’s decision due to ‘prior commitments’ and has nothing to do with her. Yeah right!

As had already been made clear by the ‘Real Housewife’ earlier, she did not plan on attending the wedding herself. Her daughter now seems to be prioritising events in life – and her father’s wedding takes a backseat to a talent show that she’s been preparing for.

Camille supposedly told her daughter that it would be perfectly fine to skip the show for her the wedding event, but Mason is determined to show the world what she’s made of. Anybody else smell some fudging of the truth in there!?

"I can confirm that they will not be attending, but wish Kelsey and Kayte all the best," is the official line from Camille's rep.

Wonder what Jude – Mason’s younger brother – will be upto on the day of the wedding!

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