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Mark Wahlberg to Give Bieber a Wedgie ...

By Yusuf

Mark Wahlberg sure knows how to give the young Justin Bieber an incentive to be a good role model - by threatening to give him a wedgie if he doesn't!

The once not-so-good role model himself, said he will not stand for any bad behavior in his pop stars, especially Justin Bieber. At the screening of The Fighter to benefit The Cinema School Mark said of Justin’s future, “Whatever he wants to do, as long as he stays a positive role model it’s all good. If not, I’ll give him a wedgie”.

Mark first met Justin thanks to his younger daughter who, as most girls of her age, was crazy about the Biebs. So, Mark arranged for his daughter to get in touch with Justin. “My daughter liked Justin Bieber so my daughter wanted to meet him and so I got him on the phone and then we went and met him and he was very nice but it’s not like I listen to the music or anything like that”, said the loving dad.

Now its a little more clear as to why he wants JB to be on his best behavior right!

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