Somerhalder Takes a Bite of Green


Somerhalder Takes a Bite of Green
Somerhalder Takes a Bite of Green

Ian Somerhalder might be all about turning you into a blood sucking vampire in Vampire Diaries, but in real life, he is very concerned about how we are sucking the life out of this planet.

The Vampire Diaries star is not only concerned about the effect we have on earth, but also has his own foundation called the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. The non-profit organization is dedicated to environmental causes and animal rights.

"We are destroying the very place that sustains our lives because of what?" Ian says. "Money? Greed? Lack of education? It could be a number of things but we must positively look to the future and plan intelligently and sustainably to coexist harmoniously in our beautiful home.”

Currently, the foundation in collaboration with Conservation International, is concentrating on the issue of deforestation. "We have to stop cutting these forests," Ian says. Though on a practical note, he does add, "We must answer the question: Where and how will we get the resources that we need out of those forests?"

The talented young star recognizes that there are plenty of people who are working towards a greener earth, but he wishes that more famous faces would speak up. "I wish they would," he says. "They have such a huge influence and could really move mountains. Let's encourage each other to do so...please!"

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