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Angelina Reveals Her Latest Talent

By Yusuf

Is there anything that this woman can not do? Angelina Jolie’s latest venture – a jewelry line that she has co-designed with bling king Robert Procop is ready to be seen by the world.

The small collection that has been designed by the UN goodwill ambassador will be displayed to a select audience (it is an invite-only list) and the proceeds will benefit her charity ‘Education Partnership for Children of Conflict’. The collection, being called Style of Jolie, can be previewed by the rest of us masses in a new preview video.

"What we're showing here is a collection that Angelina and I have been working on for the last nine months," Procop says in the clip.

"Building not only a part of her style but real artistic forms using gemstones as the centerpiece," he adds. "But our main mission is helping children in crisis by educating children around the world."

Have a peek at the collection here and let us know what you think.

Angelina Jolie’s line of Jewelry title ‘Style of Jolie’ is ready for preview and here you can catch a quick peek at it

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