Selena Justin Hold Hands - Almost

By Yusuf

Selena  Justin Hold Hands - Almost

'Tis the season of holidays breakups, but nobody seemed to have given Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez the memo.

The young duo who are rumored to be dating, were spotted once again, this time in Miami, being their cute selves with each other. The romance has been denied (or ignored) by both the sides every time incriminating evidence has been presented to say otherwise.

This time around in Miami, the two look to be having a great time, enjoying a stroll with each other. I think they look really cute together and they might just be up to fill in the vacant spot left by Zac and 'Nessa! It's really interesting to see the chemistry between the two of them and look how agonizing close they are to holding hands. Almost as if they are doing this just to tease us and take us along on a wild goose chase!

All things considered, I'm pretty sure these two are just doing things the old way. Taking things slow, trying to figure out if they are in fact a good match for each other. After all, with Bieber's squeeky clean image and Selena's curse of being a Disney star, they have to be careful how they play this thing!
Justin: Ha ha, my hair is WAY better than yours!

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