7 Reasons I'm Glad Kim Kardashian Finally Delivered Her Baby ...


Celebrity babies have grown increasingly popular in this celebrity-obsessed era, making the craze over Kim Kardashian’s baby anything but a surprise to anyone who owns a television or computer. Although I fail to understand the obsession with Kim Kardashian, many of her loyal fans have crowned her as a fashion goddess and reality television extraordinaire. Despite all these things, even her most loyal fans would agree that her pregnancy has been painful (to say the least) to watch in the media. Never appearing to shy away from her beloved paparazzi, although her rapper-beau Kanye West is an entirely different story, Kardashian held her head and kept her heels even higher during her entire pregnancy. While her confidence is admirable, check out the 7 reasons I am ecstatic Kim Kardashian FINALLY delivered baby KimYe.

1. Kim's Maternity Fashion Choices

From her "grandmother’s couch" look at the Met Gala, to her sad attempt at pulling off her sister Kourtney’s old maternity dress, Kim Kardashian’s baby has been through her fair share of fashion mishaps courtesy of Ms. Kardashian. Often known for impeccable fashion sense, Kim seemed to miss the mark when it came to properly pulling off outfits during her pregnancy, mostly due to her desire not to wear actual maternity clothes despite her baby belly. Now that her baby is born, let’s hope that Kim picks up where she left off as far as being fashionable.

Kanye’s Less-than-Happy Paparazzi Faces
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