7 Reasons to Be Excited about the Kimye Engagement ...

Treva Bowdoin

7 Reasons to Be Excited about the Kimye Engagement ...

The Kimye engagement finally happened! The news that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are getting married isn't that surprising since they already have a child together, but it's definitely something to be excited about. The extravagant way Kanye proposed to Kim at Giants stadium with an orchestra and an audience could indicate that the Kimye wedding will be the event of the century. Here's a look at why we should be celebrating the Kimye engagement:

1 It Was Televised, so Maybe the Wedding Will Also Be Coming to TV

The Kimye engagement was captured on camera, so you'll soon be able to witness every glorious moment of the over-the-top spectacle. Kim Kardashian's proposal from Kris Humphries was also captured by the E! cameras, so perhaps Kanye West felt the need to top that extremely staged setup. And of course Kanye just has to top Kim's last televised wedding with an even bigger TV special. Maybe Yeezus will have his own extravagant, pyramid-shaped chapel built for the wedding—this monumental testament of love would be like his Taj Mahal for Kim. And perhaps he'll do something crazy like ordering a wedding cake shaped like a giant cross. I'm really, really hoping that he turns the wedding into one of his insane art projects—the Kimye engagement was great and all, but Kanye can do better.

2 We're Dying to Know What Kim and Kanye Will Wear to the Wedding

I thought Kim's last wedding dress was kind of boring, so I'm really hoping that Kanye talks her into something a little more interesting. Perhaps he'll insist on a bustier made out of solid platinum, or maybe he'll convince Kim to wear some kind of strange face mask encrusted with diamonds and jewels. The rapper wants to become a big name clothing designer, and designing Kim's wedding dress would definitely help him get the attention from the fashion world that he craves. Men's suits can be really boring, but surely Kanye won't wear something ordinary. I'd love to see him in a pair of his favorite leather jogging pants or a kilt.

3 Maybe Kanye Will Write a Special Love Song for Kim

Kanye already referenced Kim's sex tape in "Clique," so I'd love to hear what he would say in a song celebrating his marriage to the home movie star. His idea of a love song might include attacking Kim's exes and the paparazzi. Or maybe he'll call her the Mary Magdalene to his Yeezus. But all joking aside, the rapper probably would put a lot of work into crafting such a special song, so it really could turn out to be a real masterpiece. And of course he would have to perform it for Kim at his wedding.

4 North West Might Be a Flower Girl

If Kimye waits long enough to get married, little North will be old enough to toddle down the aisle with a basket full of flower petals. The petals would be coated with gold leaf, obvs. North probably already has a wardrobe worth more than most of us make in five years, so it would also be interesting to see what she wears to wedding. She could show Blue Ivy who the new baby fashion queen is by wearing a jewel-encrusted tiara, and I could see Kim trying to teach her how to walk in baby high heels. However, hopefully North doesn't get introduced to the fake mink eyelashes and laser hair removal treatments just yet.

5 The Wedding Guest List Will Be Epic

Jay Z just has to be Kanye's best man, so Kim will surely be thrilled with the prospect of Beyonce attending her wedding. Then again, Kim might not like it if Queen Bey steals some of her spotlight. But surely Kim wouldn't be upset for long if Beyonce agreed to perform "Single Ladies" during the traditional bouquet toss. Kim's last wedding was a star-studded event, but Kanye has even bigger famous friends who might get invites. Maybe he'll even manage to convince Anna Wintour to let Kim pose for Vogue in exchange for a wedding invitation. And hopefully Taylor Swift crashes the wedding by interrupting Kanye's vows and telling him that Kim's marriage to Kris Humphries was the best televised wedding OF ALL TIME.

6 Kanye Might Have a Marriage-Related Meltdown

Kanye's social media meltdowns are great, whether he's addressing the South Park "Fish Sticks" episode or comparing Jimmy Kimmel to Spongebob Squarepants. There are going to be tons of jokes about his marriage to Kim, so you just know that someone is going to set him off. And of course this will result in an ALL CAPS rant or two. Maybe he'll get angry about one of Chelsea Handler's Kim quips and compare Chels to Cruella de Vil, or maybe he'll point out that Conan O'Brien looks like Chuckie from "The Rugrats." Whatever he chooses to complain about, a cartoon character will probably involved.

7 The Divorce Bets Can Begin

Everyone is going to be curious about how long the Kimye marriage will last. After all, Kim's last marriage only managed to survive for 72 days. There will probably be plenty of bets placed on the length of her marriage to Kanye, and it's safe to say that most bets will be against a happily ever after. However, it might actually be refreshing to watch Kimye's relationship thrive. After all, if those two crazy kids can make it work, then there's hope for all of us.

Since Kim Kardashian already gets so much tabloid coverage, a lot of people probably just rolled their eyes when they heard the news of her engagement to Kanye West. However, it's possible that it might help "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" ratings as viewers tune in to witness one of the greatest love stories of our time (no, I didn't type that with a straight face). So are you so over anything that has to do with Kim, or are you hoping that she and Kanye decide to televise their wedding and all the drama leading up to it?