7 Reasons to Love Miley Cyrus ...


I know you are thinking I am crazy and are asking why would I even consider writing about reasons to love Miley Cyrus? She is disaster personified! I can just hear everyone, including my other self, saying this. Twerking was an act that she popularized that no parent in their sane mind would want to see their female child imitate. So why list reasons to love Miley Cyrus at all? Kindly find my reasons below:

1. Backyard Sessions

It's Miley in a black skirt and lace top covering some of her favorite songs. On Youtube, you can check out her own rendition of Jolene, Look What They've Done To My Song, and Lilac Wine. Listening to that distinct sound shows real talent. If you ever need to find reasons to love Miley Cyrus after all the crazy things she has done, check out the Backyard Sessions.

Vocal Range
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