9 Reasons Why Anna Kendrick is Everyone's Spirit Animal ...


9 Reasons Why Anna Kendrick is Everyone's Spirit Animal ...
9 Reasons Why Anna Kendrick is Everyone's Spirit Animal ...

There are so many reasons why Anna Kendrick is the coolest person, ever. To name a few, she's got a big heart, a hilarious sense of humor, and a passion for Netflix. Sound relatable to you? You can check out some of the reasons why Anna Kendrick is everyone's spirit animal and then let me know what YOU love most about her:

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She'll Always Choose a Night in

She'll Always Choose a Night in Anna Kendrick is so me. Nothing sums up my life better than the sentence, "I like sweatpants and staying home." Yes, Anna, finally somebody who understands! This is the kind of best friend we all need. Check out the other reasons why Anna Kendrick is everyone's spirt animal.


She's Got Killer Moves

She's Got Killer Moves Anna's no stranger to busting a move. So, if you ever feel like declaring a dance-off, she's the girl to call. She also showed off her dance moves in Pitch Perfect and I'm sure we'll get to see a lot of that in the upcoming sequel!


The Best Reaction Faces

The Best Reaction Faces All hail Anna Kendrick, Queen of Reaction Faces! It's seriously so funny to watch all of her interviews and seeing all the different reaction faces she makes. Which is your favorite?


She Loves Jamming to the Radio

She Loves Jamming to the Radio Love driving around and blasting the latest tunes? So does Anna! Her favorite music to listen to would probably be that of Beyonce. Did you know that Kendrick's admitted to having a full-blown fan-girling situation when she met Beyonce at the Grammys?! She even posted a photo of the two (with a heart around them) on Instagram!


She's Always down for Karaoke

She's Always down for Karaoke Feel like hitting up a karaoke bar? Anna Kendrick would be the perfect +1. As you already noticed in Pitch Perfect, the girl's got some serious vocal skills! Of course, karaoke is still fun (probably even more so) if you do it without caring what you sound like! I'm sure Anna would happily make a fool of herself on stage!


She's Got a Contagious Smile

She's Got a Contagious Smile Even on her off days, Kendrick radiates positivity. You can tell whenever she flashes a smile that she's genuinely happy! It's important to have friends like that because you can never be surrounded by too much positivity.


She's Got Sass

She's Got Sass Lot's of class, lots of sass! Anna Kendrick is hilariously sarcastic which makes everything she says that much funnier. I feel like she'd be the funnest person to hang out with because it'd be interesting to hear everything she has to say.


Dares to Go Bare

Dares to Go Bare Anna Kendrick's not afraid to be bare-faced! The talented actress actually prefers the natural look to the overdone look. I think that's great because she has a lot of young fans who look up to her; if they see that she's totally comfortable in her own skin, they can feel comfortable in their own skin too.


She's Amazing

She's Amazing Last but not least, she's amazing! She even admitted it on the Late Show With David Letterman... LOL. She said it jokingly, of course, which goes to show how adorable and humble she really is.

Well, there you have it! These are just nine out of many many awesome reasons why Anna Kendrick is everyone's spirit animal. I mean, who doesn't wish they could be best friends with her?! What's your favorite thing about her? Let me know in the comments!

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I LOVE Anna Kendrick!!!

Love her !!!!

She's just being her and that's beautiful. Love her!

I love Anna Kendrick. She's the best.

And me

She's the Bomb

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