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Taylor Momsen on an Indefinite Break ...

By Yusuf

There are good reasons why celebs with squeeky clean roles maintain the same image off-screen. Taylor Momsen’s bad girl off screen image has finally led her to trouble with her Gossip Girl producers.

Deadline reported that Momsen is on an indefinite hiatus from Gossip Girl starting next week. Warner Brothers is obviously trying to put this off as just a coincidence, but what could it really be if not this!

Apart from her acting career, the 17- year-old is also the lead girl in the band The Pretty Reckless. And the videos that the band comes out with are generally on the goth extreme with Momsen dressed like a slut. Her dressing antics are not just limited to her band videos, but also her public appearances like her MTV EMA awards.

Sources also say Momsen requested a fully-stocked bar in her dressing room for one of her recent shows in New York. "That was rejected -- she's underage!" said an insider.

With such erratic and irresponsible behavior like that, it is no wonder she is being put on a break, but show insiders are sticking with their story right now that Momsen’s sidelining is strictly for creative reasons.

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