The Comeback Queens - Celebs Who Have Silenced Their Haters ...

With the rise of social media, it's all too easy for people to be rude and mean to each other. Because of their public presence, celebrities are often the target of vitriol and unpleasant comments about their appearance. Some argue that they're fair game if they put themselves in the public eye, but celebs are human too and can be hurt by nasty comments directed at them. But some celebs turn the tables and silence their haters …

1. Pink

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Singer Pink was the target of some cruel comments about her weight when she attended an event recently (she looks fine, by the way). Her dignified response pointed out that she was perfectly happy with how she looked, and that the event she attended - a cancer fundraiser - was far more important than her weight and appearance. Bravo for Pink for getting to the heart of the matter and not letting pointless jibes get to her.

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