This is What Kim Kardashian Would Print with a 3D Printer ...

Have you ever wondered what 3D printers can really do? What if we could get inside Kim Kardashian's mind and see some really inventive uses for this new technology? Let's try to keep up with the newest 3D printing trends and see what we come up with.

1. Handguns

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Many celebs have not been able to hide the fact that they simply love beautifully designed handguns. Since 3D printing has evolved to the point that you can use it to print out the most daring and stunning handguns and shotguns, it's a safe bet that a unique handgun design could be on Kim's list for things she would print out with a 3D printer.

2. 3D Printed Guitars

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3D printed guitars are also on the list of preferences for many stars in Hollywood, even if they haven't necessarily made it big in the musical industry. Unique 3D printed guitars can be made from plastic to sound almost as well as genuine instruments, and you can even print out your favorite musician's guitar down to the smallest detail.

3. Expensive Cars

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Probably one of the first things you'd find Kim Kardashian using a 3D printer on would be a highly expensive car. Not only can 3D printers create small replicas of stunning collectors' cars, but they can even build scale parts of a real sports car. Although it can take a while to complete one, there are many manufacturers who have already started building working 3D-printed cars.

4. Any Makeup You Want

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What celebrity – and what girl for that matter – wouldn't like her own customized makeup kit? With 3D printing technology, even that has become possible. All you have to do is click the color you want on your phone or computer, send it to your 3D printer, and you can get your customized makeup in that exact color in just a few minutes.

5. Fashion Statement Bikini

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What other clothing item would be more preferred by a famous model than a bikini? Probably one of the things you'd be sure Kim Kardashian would print with a 3D printer is a fashion statement bikini. Some designers are actually way ahead of the game, having developed stunning waterproof bikinis with the most intricate and delightful 3D printed designs.

6. 3D Printed... Pizza?

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Many celebrities, like Kim Kardashian, are confident enough to admit that they enjoy good – yet not necessarily healthy or slimming - food. NASA has good news for them, as well as anyone else who likes a good slice of pizza. Their newest 3D printing technology uses multiple material cartridges at once to produce stunning and surprisingly edible pizza products with real dough, cheese, sauce and any other delicious ingredients.

7. 3D Print Your Face

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This one might be a little farfetched, but why not? Modern technology has definitely come a long way, and nowadays you can use a couple of online apps to get a perfect replica of your face. All you have to do is take a few photos of your face from different angles to generate a 3D image, then feed it into your 3D printer. The rest is pretty straightforward, and the results will impress just about anyone.

So this is our wacky list of things that would look pretty awesome coming out of a modern-day 3D printer. Which one was your favorite? Do you have any ideas about anything else that celebrities like Kim Kardashian might print with a 3D printer?


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