7 Times Jennifer Lawrence Looked Hot at a Hunger Games Premiere ...

Jennifer Lawrence’s career really blew up at the Hunger Games, and since then, she’s always brought her A-game to the premiere red carpets. No matter what color, style, or length of a dress she’s wearing, she always looks absolutely stunning and turns so many heads. Whether you’re looking to be inspired by her fashion and style at the various Hunger Games premieres from over the years, or you’re simply just looking to drool over her gorgeous outfits for a few minutes, I’ve got you covered. These are some of J.Law’s best Hunger Games premiere looks ever, and you’re sure to drool over them and get a little bit of fashion inspo!

1. Glittering in Gold

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This is probably Jennifer Lawrence’s most iconic Hunger Games premiere look, and with good reason. She stunned in this gold dress, and the entire world stopped to stare at her when she wore it. I always thought that it looked like the prom dress of every girl’s dreams, but the one none of us ever got to wear!

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