Top 10 Women Role Models to Admire ...


Top 10 Women Role Models to Admire ...
Top 10 Women Role Models to Admire ...

Let’s face it — in this day and age, when we know way more about Snooki and the Kardashians that anyone should, we need good women role models to bring us back to reality and make us feel better about future generations. But again, when most of the media is crammed with Kardashians, how are we supposed to find good women role models? They’re out there, sweetie, if you look for them… and in fact, I’ll bet you already know quite a few of them. Here are my picks for the top 10 women role models to admire, all of them still living, and in our current pop culture.

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Hilary Clinton

It’s been years since any of us have heard from Monica-what’s-her-name, but Hilary is still going strong, refusing to be defined by her husband’s famous dalliance. Like her politics or not, you have to admire her… which is why she heads off my women role models list.


Lady Gaga

While I don’t approver her fashion sense, and I don’t even really care for her music, I have to hand it to her — Lady Gaga is a force to be reckoned with. She’s savvy, sly, and irreverent. She refuses to be labeled, and uses her powers for good, not evil, donating her time (and of course, her money) to anti-bullying groups and other charitable organizations.


Taylor Swift

She’s darlng, isn’t she? But Taylor’s a woman role model not just because of her angelic good look, but because she’s not the type of girl to take “no” for an answer. In a world when most artists would have taken a record label’s first offer, she refused, patiently waiting for the just the right deal… and her patience paid off… which is something we can all learn from. Plus, she keeps it classy, and what girl couldn’t learn from that?


Zooey Deschanel

Zooey, with her glossy bangs and good-girl cache, has taught us that we don’t need to be slutty or revealing to be sexy; that being a lady is even more appealing that being a tramp. She’s smart, sweet, and lovely, never catty or shallow or vapid; everything a girl should be if she can.


Angelina Jolie

I know, I know… she’s controversial, but there are certain things about her I admire. While most celeb moms are content to let the nannies do the work, while they reap the glory, she’s not. She travels the world, kids in tow (admittedly with a nanny to help), and tries her best to bring the world’s attention to those without a voice, including war refugees and


Betty White

I hope that when I reach her age, I have half her verve and humor. Her charm and wit alone have earned her a spot among my favorite woman role models, along with her dedication to ending animal cruelty.


J.K. Rowling

As a writer, I have nothing but pure admiration for this woman role model. She launched one of the most successful fiction franchises in history, all in a coffee shop with a humble notebook. She is the first woman billionaire novelist, paving the way for, and inspiring, future generations of Muggles, like me.


Mia Hamm

I know this isn’t necessarily true, but I personally believe Mia Hamm is the reason so many of our little girls today play soccer. She was the first female athlete in my world to excel at her sport, making it popular even where men couldn’t… and she did it with glamour.


Tina Fey

While some might find her an odd choice for my list of woman role models, I think she’s a perfect fit. She’s paved the way for female comedians, proving that we can be just as clever and relevant as our male counterparts. But what really makes her a good role model is her work with Autism Speaks and the Mercy Corps, among other charity groups.


Maya Angelou

Maya is dignity and grace personified, providing a voice for generations of women who would have perhaps gone unsung. Her body of work is impressive — prose and poetry — and her spirit and kindness are remarkable. She is, perhaps, the ultimate woman role model.

See? There are so many women role models to admire! The world isn’t all Kardashian and Snooki and Bachelorettes! Which of these women do you admire most, and why? Or do you have another female role model you admire? Please share!

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heheeh button?

Michelle Obama

Uhhmmm... What about Audrey Hepburn? She donated most of her earnings to UNICEF and actually went there to see first hand that the children were getting the help they needed. AND she never once used her charity for publicity. Also, I agree Mia Hamm is great, but she wasn't the first woman to excell in proffessional sports. What abobut Cassie Campbell, Hailey Wickenheiser, Erica Lawler, or Venus and Serena Williams? Just my opinion.

TAYLOR SWIFT? Are you joking me? She acts all sweet and elegant and inspirational but she has been out with 13 boy in 12 months - more than 1 a month! Where is Demi lovato and michelle Obama and miley Cyrus?

Hillary Clinton? Ride your husbands coat tails while ignoring his rampant womanizing and disrespectful behaviour towards you and you daughter, that doesn't sound like someone to idealize. Why not someone like Nancy Pelosi? Success is the result of her own hard work.

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