7 Celebrities Who Are Related to Someone Famous ...


It seems as if Hollywood is consumed with family ties.

There are plenty of celebrities who are related to someone famous in the music, acting, or TV industry.

These famous family members have either paved the way for them and or have already made a name for relatives who would like to follow in their footsteps.

Let's jump right on into "7 Celebrities Who are Related to Someone Famous."

1. Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts

Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts

To start off our list of celebrities who are related to someone famous, we have Emma Roberts.

She first rose to fame during her role as Addie on Nickelodeon’s musical television series "Unfabulous." She went on to make a debut album titled "Unfabulous and More," which also acted as the soundtrack for the show.

Other accomplishments include movie roles in "Nancy Drew," "Aquamarine," and "Lymelife." However, in 2010 the now 23-year-old had the chance to act alongside her aunt Julia Roberts in the romantic comedy film "Valentine’s Day."

2. Lenny Kravitz and Al Roker

Lenny Kravitz and Al Roker

Who would have known that these two men were second cousins?

American TV weather presenter Al Roker is first cousins to Lenny Kravitz’s mother, Roxie Roker.

Roxie is best known for her starring role on CBS’ 1975 hit TV series “The Jeffersons.” Her son went on to become a mainstream funk-rock musician, songwriter, clothing designer, and actor.

Since they’re only 10 years apart, I wonder if the two men ever hang out.

3. Melissa McCarthy and Jenny McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy and Jenny McCarthy

The funny and hilarious Melissa McCarthy is related to former Playboy nude model Jenny McCarthy.

Melissa started her career through the help of her cousin, who landed her a TV role in her 90s sitcom “The Best of Jenny.” Melissa has continued her career in other comedic roles like “The Hangover III,” “Bridesmaid,” and “Gilmore Girls.” Jenny, on the other hand, now hosts her own show “The Jenny McCarthy Show” and sits as one of the co-hosts on “The View.”2

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