8 of the Best Celebrity Makeovers in 2012 ...


Are you longing for a new look, or do you prefer to stick to your signature style?

Whatever you prefer, nobody can resist noticing the best celebrity makeovers.

From new styles to haircuts, hair colors and make-up, some of our favorite celebs tried impressive new looks last year – and some just missed the mark.

Here’s our best celebrity makeovers of 2012 – do you agree?!

1. Angelina Jolie

Angelina tends to stick to her trademark red lips and black eyes – but she still manages to rock different looks, nad was one of my favorite celebrity makeovers in 2012.


Well, her hairdresser seems to have a lot to do with it.

Last year she rocked her loose-and-tousled look, an understated brushed-back style and a sleek up-do, all with her trademark make-up.

She’s a real hair chameleon – without ever touching the dye.

We like.

2. Rooney Mara

Rooney made a name for herself in films last year, and she kept people talking with two different-but-similar looks at the Globes and the Oscars.

Although both of her outfits included thick lashes and sleek hairstyles, she opted for a dramatic low-cut black dress, pale pink lips and side-parting for one, whilst her ice-white cut-out gown teamed with bangs and red lips stole the other.

3. Michelle Williams

I love Michelle Williams’s signature pixie haircut – she makes it look so elegant!

The Best Actress nominee mixed things up by adding an embellished headband at the Golden Globes, worn with a high-neck purple lace dress, but it was her Oscars look that everyone loved.

A vibrant orange strapless dress teamed with pink lips and scruffy blonde locks was the perfect look, and miles apart from her simple SAGS outfit.2


4. Cameron Diaz

Cameron caused shockwaves around the fashion world when she debuted her white-blonde bob in 2012, but she chose well!

The cold color lights up her skin, and the cut is perfect for showing off her toned face.

Tousled, it’s the perfect party hair, and Cameron showed off a more glamorous style while presenting the Oscars by sleeking it down and adding pink gloss.

This is the ultimate versatile hairstyle.

Octavia Spencer
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