7 Awesome Reasons to Love Jennifer Morrison ...


There are so many fantastic reasons to love Jennifer Morrison. She's an incredible actress who's managed to keep her humble and genuine ways intact. I love that she doesn't take life too seriously - she's always cracking jokes in interviews and is always in good spirits. When it is time to work, she always puts her game face on and gets things done! Check out some of the cool reasons to love Jennifer Morrison.

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'once upon a Time'

I don't know why or how it took me SO long to get on the 'OUAT' bandwagon but I'm finally on it! I binge-watched the first three seasons and became absolutely obsessed. The story lines are incredible and so is the acting! Jennifer seriously wowed me in her role as Emma Swan - she brings such a great quality and a certain charm to the character. I love that her acting makes you feel so invested in the character and the show. This is just one of the reasons to love Jennifer Morrison.


She Loves Disney Movies

Anyone who loves classic Disney movies is alright in my book. Turns out, Jennifer's a big sucker for them. "They just tug at your heartstrings," she's said. "You have to watch everybody go through these crazy things, and then there's some big happy thing that happens at the end." LOL, she's so right! I wouldn't mind having a major movie marathon with her.


What She Wants in a Man

Jennifer's just like us in the sense that when it comes to looking for a man, there's one trait that she says every man needs. "I would say loyalty. Loyalty to their friends, obviously to their loved ones, to their family, to their jobs. You know, I think that's an attractive trait." I couldn't have said it better myself. It's important to know and recognize this trait in your significant other.


She's a Redhead at Heart

Jennifer's one of those people who can look amazing rocking ANY hair color. She's been both blonde and brunette but it turns out that she'd rather be a redhead. "My favorite [hair color] is red, actually," Morrison said. "I think when I'm done with 'Once,' I will probably be red for a while. There's just something very playful about being a redhead, and I enjoy it. Like, I always look forward to that." I say go for it, Jenn! You always look so great anyways!


She Loves Her Fans

Jennifer's constantly thanking her fans for their unconditional support for her career and the show. So many fans show up to 'Once' events and their love for the show is pretty phenomenal. I love that Jennifer acknowledges that and is grateful for it.


Her Interviews

It's always so much fun to watch her interviews on YouTube because I always find myself cracking up. I love that she's very carefree and can laugh about anything. It's such a great quality! You can check it out for yourself by binge-watching all her interviews.


Healthy Lifestyle

Despite all the craziness that comes with fame, she makes sure to lead a healthy lifestyle."My parents are both very fit people who've always taken care of themselves, and so I feel very lucky that I come from that upbringing," she said.

Well, there you have it. These are just seven out of many awesome reasons to love Jennifer Morrison! Doesn't she seem like she'd make a great BFF? What's your favorite thing about her?

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