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Chrissy is the antithesis of mainstream models, showing everyone that being down-to-earth and celebrating the body you've been given is totally in fashion, and it's sentiments like these that make for so many reasons to love Chrissy Teigen. The wife of singer/songwriter John Legend has really come on the scene lately, not just for her beautiful looks and stunning magazine shoots, but also for her outspoken nature and infamous tweets. If you're skeptical about loving a supermodel, you need to read these reasons to love Chrissy Teigen.

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She Loves Food

One of the many reasons to love Chrissy Teigen is that she's not afraid to talk about loving all kinds of food. Of course, the model needs to keep in shape for photo shoots, but she knows how to have some serious eats as well. Chrissy is also a master in the kitchen, and even documents her scrumptious cooking on Instagram and in her blog, "So Delushious." Chrissy even recently said in an interview that she enjoys frozen White Castle burgers - how much more real can this girl get?


She Has No Filter

Chrissy doesn't play by the rules and speak as though her publicist is watching her every move (although it's safe to say her publicist is probably always on high alert!). Whether it's beating down Twitter trolls, drunk tweeting, or speaking her mind, Chrissy knows how to let loose and be herself.


Her Style is on Point

Whether she's on the red carpet or walking the streets of NYC and LA, Chrissy always looks fabulous. Her style is chic and pretty, and people even refer to her as the "business casual model." Even if she opts for more of a tailored look, she still looks fabulous.


She Loves Her Animals

Chrissy and John have three dogs, one of which, Penny, was recently adopted and has three legs. When Chrissy announced the arrival of their new dog, she tweeted "She has 3 legs WHICH IS MORE THAN YOU OKAY." The model mentioned that the dog's previous owners didn't treat Penny well, or that they, in her words, were "buttheads." It's very admirable of Chrissy and John to take in a sweet puppy with a missing limb and to love her with all their hearts.


She Defends Her Figure

In a world where stick-thin models are often the norm, Chrissy beats down that norm and embraces her curves. Chrissy lashed out at Twitter trolls who criticized her weight, saying, "In what other real life situation would you walk up to someone and tell them they're fat or gained weight? Seriously you are POS." She also recently famously shot down the clothing company, Forever 21, for firing her for being "too fat" for them. However, if you've seen Chrissy, it's clear that she isn't overweight whatsoever. Work it girl, work it!


Her Relationship with John is Very Relatable

You may think the above statement is crazy since the pair seem like they have a fairy tale relationship, but the two act silly together and are very normal and grounded. Chrissy has even admitted to having bouts of jealousy when John is on tour. When you look like Chrissy, we can't imagine why she'd be jealous! Chrissy's Instagram pictures and tweets of cute moments with John reinforce the fact that the couple is relatable and not just any Hollywood couple.


She's Hilarious

Seriously. Chrissy has a knack for quick wit and clever one-liners. Beauty and brains - Chrissy isn't just your average model. She's setting the bar high for all other models to aspire to be!

Chrissy really is an awesome brand of model that helps her fans to feel closer to her and like they could be her best friend. Chrissy doesn't have that waifey model look that many models sport, and instead embraces her curves and her fabulous figure. Are you a fan of Chrissy? If not, you should really check this chick out!

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