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There are so many great reasons to love Alexandra Shipp. She's an incredibly talented actress with a bright future ahead of her! I have no doubt that she'll be taking over Hollywood soon. You've probably seen her on Nickelodeon or in one of her guest-starring roles. Recently, she's been a part of some pretty exciting projects. Check out some of the reasons to love Alexandra Shipp and let me know what you love most about her!

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"house of Anubis"

If you watch Nickelodeon, you probably watched Alexandra on the hit TV show, "House of Anubis". Unfortunately, the show was canceled some time ago. No worries though, Alexandra's moved on to bigger and better things! She recently guest-starred on Showtime's "Ray Donovan"! This show was just one of many reasons to love Alexandra Shipp.


She's Gorgeous

To state the obvious, Alexandra's beautiful. She radiates positivity and those are my favorite kind of people. She's incredibly humble and genuine, which makes her insides just as beautiful as the outside.


She Loves Her Fans

Alexandra is constantly interacting with her fans on her social media accounts. She's always thanking fans for their unconditional support and she tries her best to show them love whenever she can. She takes her time to reply to some fans which I think is really sweet. If you want to get her attention, Twitter is the best way to do so!


"aaliyah" Role

In case you didn't already know, Alexandra landed herself a pretty epic movie role. She's been cast to play R&B singer Aaliayh in an upcoming Lifetime biopic! I think she's perfect for the part because she resembles Aaliyah in so many ways. The part was originally given to former Disney star, Zendaya Coleman, but after Zendaya dropped the project, Alexandra was right there to pick it up!


Her Style

I'm a huge fan of her style. Whenever she's at a red carpet or press event, she always looks super sleek and sophisticated. Her street style is also incredible - how awesome would it be to be BFFs with her and able to share a wardrobe? I also love the fact that she chooses to keep a "makeup-free" face whenever she's not filming. I think that's a great message to young girls!


She Sings

Not only is she a talented actress, Alexandra's also got some major pipes on her. She has a YouTube channel with old covers, including a very impressive cover of Beyonce's "Halo". I definitely recommend checking her out if you've never heard her sing before! I'm not entirely sure if she'll be re-recording Aaliyah's songs for the upcoming movie but I am very excited to hear her sing!


Her Faith

Alexandra's always tweeting inspirational and motivational tweets/messages to her followers. One of her recent ones reads, "God, blind me to negativity. Give me strength to overcome the obstacles ahead and do what you put me on this planet to do: illuminate." I love that shares those thoughts with her fans. I think it makes people feel a bit closer to her!

Well, there you have it. These are just seven out of many awesome reasons to love Alexandra Shipp. She's an incredible role model for young girls, super talented, and will be taking over Hollywood in the very near future! If you're already a fan of hers, what's your favorite thing about her?

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