10 Celebrities' Festival Fashion - Who Wore It Best? ...


Celebrities’ festival fashion varies as much as their personalities. Some prefer simple outfits of cut-off shorts and tees while others go for much more fashion forward looks. What we do know is that if there’s a place for celebrities to be seen ‘off duty,’ it’s at a music festival (or at one of the many pre- and post-festival parties). Let’s take a look at the recent Coachella festival and the celebrities’ festival fashion.

1. Rita Ora

Rita Ora

Kicking off this list of celebrities’ festival fashion is songstress Rita Ora. She makes a statement in a graphic tee and full midi skirt. She grunges up what would otherwise be a very ladylike lilac skirt with a contrasting orange t-shirt, sneakers, and reflective sunglasses.

Alexa Chung
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