7 Celebrities Wearing Camouflage Prints Who Wore It Best?


7 Celebrities Wearing Camouflage Prints  Who Wore It Best?
7 Celebrities Wearing Camouflage Prints  Who Wore It Best?

While the whole idea of camouflage is to blend into your surroundings, there’s no chance of that happening for these celebrities wearing camouflage prints. Camouflage prints are enjoying a fashion moment and we’ve spotted this military-inspired trend on quite a few celebrities lately. From camouflage army jackets to printed jeans, each celebrity seems to have their own take on this popular trend. Take a look at these celebrities wearing camouflage prints and be sure to let us know who you think wore theirs the best.

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Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo Ever the trendsetter, Olivia Palermo heads up our list of celebrities wearing camouflage prints. She wears her camouflage in the form of some printed skinny jeans. She carries the military trend throughout her outfit by teaming her jeans with a khaki shirt. A cinched belt emphasizes her waist and a glossy croc-print handbag and ballet flats add some polish to the overall look.


Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne It-Girl Cara Delevingne channels a '90s grunge vibe in a camouflage print jacket. She teams it with a tartan shirt tied around the waist, slouchy beanie, and studded ankle boots. It’s a dressed-down look that is very street inspired. Channel the model of the moment and try recreating this outfit for a casually cool daytime look.



Rihanna Rihanna isn’t afraid to rock a trend (or bare some skin, for that matter) and here she wears a cropped camouflage print top with dark denim jeans. The clothes are from her collection with River Island, and she accessorises with a sporty cap, dark sunglasses, and plenty of jewellery. If you look closely you’ll notice that her shoes feature camouflage prints as well.


Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding Here, singer Ellie Goulding layers her camouflage print jacket over a simple black and white outfit. However, that’s not to say they outfit isn’t eye-catching. She wears her camouflage print jacket with a slouchy white t-shirt and shiny wet look pants. Chunky black platform boots and a pendant necklace complete this very rock-inspired look.


Rita Ora

Rita Ora Rita Ora goes for a bit of print clashing by teaming her camouflage print jacket with a printed dress. The tight red and black animal print dress is quite statement-making in itself and the camouflage print jacket does dress it down a fair bit. Red accents also run through the outfit in the form of her bright red lipstick and structured red handbag. She tops off this sporty street look with a pair of hi-top trainers.


Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff Here, Hilary Duff shows us how to take a more polished approach to styling camouflage prints. She wears some skinny camouflage print pants with a plain black sweater and platform pumps. A high top knot bun and some smoky eye makeup complete this polished look. It’s a subtle take on the trend that works well in dressier settings.


Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum Heidi Klum isn’t hiding from anyone in this head-to-toe camouflage print outfit. She’s seen here at an airport wearing a matching camouflage print sweater and tracksuit pants. She teams the matching camo set with a leather jacket, studded handbag, and tall biker boots.

These are just a few celebrities we’ve spotted sporting the camouflage print trend. What are your thoughts on the comeback of camouflage prints? Which of these celebrities do you think rocked their camouflage prints the best?

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Of Course Rihanna Wore It Best :)


Cara Delevingne and Rhianna.

Olivia, but Rihanna could be good w/out the hat.


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