9 Celebrities Wearing Sparkly Sequin Dresses – Who Wore It Best?

Celebrities wearing sparkly sequin dresses are nothing new. In fact, they’re pretty much a red carpet staple. However, lately we’ve been seeing sequin dresses in a new light. These days they’re flirtier and edgier, and a far cry from the floor-length Hollywood glamour that we’re normally used to. Take a look at these celebrities wearing sparkly sequin dresses and let us know who you think shone the brightest.

1. Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus starts off our list of celebrities wearing sparkly sequin dresses in this mermaid-inspired Marc Jacobs number. Despite the dress consisting of floor-length sea green sequins, it has a bit of a nineties minimalist vibe thanks to its column design and skinny halter neck straps. As with any sequin dress, jewellery and accessories are best kept to a minimum and here you can spot only some subtle stud earrings and a coat of bright red nail polish for contrast.

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