7 Celebrities Who Were Homecoming Queens ...

With the enormous popularity of our favorite stars, it makes sense that there are more than a few celebrities who were homecoming queens. Despite the fact that many of them claim to be lonely and secluded during their early teen years, many of them actually were just the opposite. They had the honor of becoming the royalty of high school and winning the crown of a homecoming queen! Just take a look at these 7 celebrities who were homecoming queens.

1. Dakota Fanning

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One of the celebrities who were homecoming queens is Dakota Fanning. She managed to gain a lot of success during her childhood. She became a respected Hollywood star, won the crown of a homecoming princess and later was crowned as the homecoming queen. This girl just can’t catch a break! On the day of the ceremony she got to walk down the red carpet with a football player/ homecoming king by her side to accept her title.

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