13 Celebs You're Ashamed to Admit You Have a Crush on ...

The heart wants what it wants...even if our minds can't quite understand it sometimes. Got a secret crush on a...err..."special" celebrity but afraid to admit it? Perhaps he's on Amy's list. Thanks for the fun post Amy!

We all have them: those secret crushes on certain celebs we’re ashamed to admit to anyone (maybe even ourselves) that we harbour in the deepest recesses of our heart, free from judgement and shame. Whether they’re age inappropriate (like when your mum fancies a boy band member, or in fact, when you do) or just cringingly awful, they continue to fester, the subjects of furtive lip biting and thigh rubbing. Hey, it’s okay: this is a safe space; here, we can admit to our secret lusts, with 9 of the top embarrassing celeb crushes.

1. Tom Cruise

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Shrouded in the murky cloud of Scientology, rumours of wife-auditioning and infamous couch-jumping, you know he’s probably gay, you also know he might be part alien, but you still would. He’s Tom Cruise, and that is enough.

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