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Chris Pratt Continues Being Awesome ...

By Lyndsie

From braiding an intern's hair to participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS to generally being a sweetheart, Chris Pratt seems to be on a roll. In fact, I think he might be in competition to steal Ryan Gosling's spot as the sweetest, hottest heartthrob to ever grace the silver screen.

What did he do this time? Wearing his costume from Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris visited kids at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. He even shared his duds, notably letting a boy try on his signature jacket while posing for an adorable photo. During the visit, he not only screened the movie but also spent time getting to know many of the kids. He visited the pediatric ICU, the cancer center, and the blood disease center, among others. Turns out Chris swiped his costume from set specifically to do something like this for kids who really need to smile.

And just in case you missed it, here's the video of his Ice Bucket Challenge:

Don't you love it when people give back like this?


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