These Celebs Are Just IMPOSSIBLE to Hate


Nowadays, it seems like there's always some kind of scandal surrounding a celebrity. People are quick to judge those in the limelight and are often changing their opinions of them. However, I doubt there's any way someone can NOT love the celebrities on this list:

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Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres Ellen's got one of the biggest hearts in the business. There's nothing horrible anyone can even say about her! She's hilarious, generous, and shows love to everybody.


Betty White

Betty White Must I really explain why Betty White is so lovable?! Whenever I find myself watching "The Golden Girls" reruns, I can't help but laugh. Betty's such a sweetheart and just makes you want to hug her!


Emma Watson

Emma Watson Emma's probably one of the most genuine people in the business. After achieving global success with Harry Potter, she still knows what's important. She even took time off from acting to pursue a degree at Brown University!


Emma isn't just your run-of-the-mill film star; she's a true advocate for women's rights and equality. Her work as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador has had her speaking up for the HeForShe campaign, encouraging men to stand alongside women in the fight for gender equality. Despite her fame, she remains down-to-earth and dedicated to making a real change in the world, showing just how much heart and passion she brings off-screen. With her graceful poise and commitment to important causes, Emma Watson is the epitome of a star using her voice for good.


Emma Stone

Emma Stone Emma Stone seems like the kind of person that could keep you laughing for hours. Her charisma and hilarious interviews make it impossible to hate her!


Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris Neil's that kind of person that everyone wants to be friends with. He radiates positivity and has a great sense of humor. Most importantly, he's legen-wait for it-dary!


Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick Do you ever just cyberstalk Anna Kendrick and wish she was your best friend? Yeah, same. She stole Hollywood's heart with her role in Pitch Perfect, proving that she can sing AND act. She'd be so cool to hang out with!


Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence I think it's safe to say that J.Law is my soul-sister. This girl cracks me up in every interview she gives! She's humble, genuine, and hasn't let her fame change her in the slightest. Wouldn't you love to be friends with this Hunger Games star?

Which other celebs do you think are just impossible to hate?

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Nailed it

Duchess of Cambridge

I HATE Anna Kendrik!!!!

Perfect list

Harry Styles, quite the sweetheart and such a genuine person. Everyone he meets remarks how polite he is. Not the "womanizer" the media likes to portray him as.

Misha Collins

I actually do hate Anna Kendrik

I'm not a massive fan of Jennifer Lawrence. I think she's a bit over rated :(

You can not hate the one and only Vanessa Williams.

Taylor swift

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