7 Fantastic Reasons to Love Chloe Moretz ...


There are so many awesome reasons to love Chloe Moretz! She's insanely talented, gorgeous, and one of the sweetest people in the movie biz. Don't you just love when people like that get the recognition they deserve? Check out some of the reasons to love Chloe Moretz and then let me know the reasons why YOU love her!

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'if I Stay'

Chloe's been a part of many amazing movies. I mean, have you seen that 'Carrie' remake? However, the movie I'm truly excited to watch is 'If I Stay'! It's out this summer and looks like it's going to be a real tear-jerker. If you didn't already know, the movie is based on a best-selling novel, so I recommend reading it before the movie's out! This is just one of the cool reasons to love Chloe Moretz.


She's Really Talented

Not only is Chloe killing it on the big screen, she's also been a part of other awesome projects. For example, Chloe starred in an off-broadway play, 'The Library', and was phenomenal in it! I'm so glad I got the chance to see one of her shows because it truly was great. I'm really excited to see her upcoming projects - fingers crossed she'll come back to Broadway soon.


She's Gorgeous

When Chloe gets glammed up for red carpet events, it's not even fair how gorgeous she looks. She's got awesome style and is quickly becoming a fashion icon. She always manages to look age-appropriate while earning serious style points - I love that she takes tons of fashion risks!


She's Humble

Even though she's becoming more and more successful each day, Chloe's never thought of herself as "too cool for school". If you watch a bunch of her interviews online, you'll agree with me that she's one of the sweetest people in the entertainment industry. "My mom has always said that if I get a big head, she'll take me out of this business as quickly as I got into it," the actress explained. Aw!


She Loves Her Fans

Chloe's constantly showing love to her fans. If she runs into them on the street, she always poses for pictures. I met her once after a 'The Library' performance and she was sweet enough to take a picture afterwards. She seemed really nice and genuine which was awesome.


She Loves New York

If you're a lover of New York (who isn't?), then you're alright in my book! Of the city, Chloe's said, "Los Angeles is fun and I've lived there for 10 years, but there's something about New York. I'm pretty much New York in every way." Yes! I love that she loves and appreciates New York City even though she hasn't lived here as long as she's lived in L.A.


She's Classy

Chloe always looks super fabulous and classy. Turns out she doesn't only look the part, she acts it too. Remember her role as the foul-mouthed Hit-Girl in the movie Kick-Ass? Well, that's far from reality. "I was raised to think cursing makes you look unintelligent. I can honestly say I've never uttered a syllable of a curse word, not even behind closed doors," she's said. I think that's pretty cool. Not that she's putting down anyone who does utter curse words, she's just not that type of person.

Well, there you have it. These are just seven out of many awesome reasons to love Chloe Moretz. I have a feeling she'll be taking over Hollywood very,very soon. What's your favorite thing about Chloe?

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Loved her in Hugo!

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