Here Are Multiple Talents of Cara Delevingne ...


There are plenty of talented actors, musicians and models out there, but not many can say that they are all in one. Luckily there is one, who fascinates us all. Cara Delevingne, an English fashion icon, first began conquering the world with modeling, got noticed for her head-turning looks and bold eyebrows and then ventured out into something more by revealing just about everything she is made of.

1. She Can Genuinely Embody a Character

While modeling was something that got her name out there, Cara Delevingne has always had her eyes set on acting. In a special interview with Teen Vogue she said, โ€œThe thrill of acting is making a character real. Modeling is the opposite of real.โ€ We completely understand where she is coming from, and we are glad she used the modeling industry as a stepping-stone for growth. Just look at her now, she landed a major role in Paper Towns and is a part of one of the most anticipated films of 2016, Suicide Squad.

She Can Play the Drums
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