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11 Inspirational Quotes about Body Image from Your Favorite Celebrities ...

By Vanessa

Struggling with insecurities is something we all go through. There are days when we aren't happy with what we see but hopefully these inspirational quotes will make you realize that you should ALWAYS be happy with yourself!

Table of contents:

  1. Emma stone
  2. Demi lovato
  3. Jennifer lawrence
  4. Emma watson
  5. Lorde
  6. Shay mitchell
  7. Lupita nyong'o
  8. Jennifer aniston
  9. Isla fisher
  10. America ferrera
  11. Drew berrymore

1 Emma Stone

Emma Stone always knows what to say. Everyone needs to quit shaming one another for their bodies and start realizing that everyone - no matter what they look like - is ENOUGH.

2 Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has definitely had a weight-loss transformation but she didn't lose the weight to make other people happy. She did it because she realized that her body deserves attention, care, and respect. Once you make that realization, you'll realize that you're beautiful, unique, and worthy of a great life.

3 Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence isn't one to be shy about her thoughts on body image. She prides herself in being a good role model for her fans and has said that all she wants is to have a "strong and fit body" and so she doesn't care about being skinny. That's what we should all strive for!

4 Emma Watson

Girls, we are NOT made to look like dolls! We are made to look exactly how we are. We're all different and it's something to be embraced rather than shamed. Let's keep that in mind!

5 Lorde

Lorde is a great role model for young women because she embraces her flaws. No one has perfect skin; we all break out in times of stress or, in my case, the occasional chocolate-binge, but that doesn't mean we aren't still beautiful. That just means we're human.

6 Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell is right on the ball with this one. The one thing you don't like is probably what somebody else wishes they had. For example, I've met tons of girls with wildly beautiful curls that wish they had sleek, straight hair and vice versa. What you have is what makes you special and you should never forget that!

7 Lupita Nyong'o

Everyone's always so obsessed with the idea of beauty but Lupita's quote just proves that "beauty" isn't actually what makes you beautiful. Having compassion for others and having kindness in your heart is what makes you beautiful. That's what's going to catch everybody's attention.

8 Jennifer Aniston

Amen to that, Jennifer! You will never be able to please everyone and there's no point in even trying. When you come to terms with the fact that you aren't/don't need to be perfect, you'll be okay.

9 Isla Fisher

So many moms forget how to love their bodies again but Isla's definitely got the right idea. Even if your stomach doesn't look how it used to, let it be a reminder of your greatest achievements a.k.a your sweet babies!

10 America Ferrera

America Ferrera is so right! Why waste your time wishing your butt looked better when you could be focusing on learning what makes you special and what you should and could be doing with your talents? Love yourself and know that you DO have something to contribute to this world and I can guarantee you that it has nothing to do with the way your butt looks like in those jeans.

11 Drew Berrymore

I love this quote because we often take what we have for granted because we're too busy wishing we had something else. Instead of looking in the mirror and hating the way your legs look, be happy that you're able to walk with them! Always look on the bright side and trust me, there always is one.

It's so important to learn self-love and self-acceptance and I'm glad these celebrities are encouraging of that! Which of these quotes are your favorites?

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