7 Lovely Street Style Looks from Ashley Olsen to Recreate ...

There are so many awesome street style looks from Ashley Olsen that would be perfect to recreate this summer. It's no surprise that Ashley's become a fashion/style icon. She always looks amazing, even on her most casual of days. Check out some of my absolute favorite street style looks from Ashley Olsen and then let me know which ones you'll be recreating! If you have any style tips or ideas, be sure to leave them in a comment.

1. Leather Statement

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Leather is definitely a statement piece and a must-have item in every girl's closet. I think it's a great addition to any outfit and will leave you looking effortlessly cool. You don't have to drape yourself in leather - just have one piece, the focal point of your outfit. You can choose between a leather jacket, skirt, or leggings! This is just one of the cool street style looks from Ashley Olsen.

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