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28 Queen Bee Streetstyle Looks That Will Make All Curvy Girls Proud ...

By Jennifer

If you're looking for a little curvy-girl inspo and some outfit ideas to swipe, there's no one better than the Queen Bee herself to borrow from. Her streetstyle is both daring and impeccable, and she's got a lot of different looks to admire (and emulate). Here are some of Beyonce's streetstyle looks that make me wish I had her curves, and her style.

1 Coral Blazer + Denim Cut-Offs

Coral Blazer + Denim Cut-Offs Source:

2 White 2-Piece + Black Hat

White 2-Piece + Black Hat Source:

3 Pencil Skirt + Pumps

Pencil Skirt + Pumps Source:

4 Wow! White Jumpsuit

Wow! White Jumpsuit Source:

5 Tropical Romper + Blazer

Tropical Romper + Blazer Source:

6 Side-Slit Sexy!

Side-Slit Sexy! Source:

7 Sequin Skirt

Sequin Skirt Source:

8 Mis-matched and Marvelous

Mis-matched and Marvelous Source:

9 Short Leather Skirt + Chunky Sweater

Short Leather Skirt + Chunky Sweater Source:

11 Black & White Bodycon

Black & White Bodycon Source:

12 Tropical-Print Pants

Tropical-Print Pants Source:

13 Feminine, Flowy White Blouse

Feminine, Flowy White Blouse Source:

14 Aztek-Print Maxi Dress

Aztek-Print Maxi Dress Source:

15 Short & Sparkly!

Short & Sparkly! Source:

16 Polka-Dot Prowess

Polka-Dot Prowess Source:

17 An Airport Arrival

An Airport Arrival Source:

18 Bundled-up Bee

Bundled-up Bee Source:

19 Court-Side Casual

Court-Side Casual Source:

20 Graphic Tee + Luxe Leather Pants

Graphic Tee + Luxe Leather Pants Source:

21 Studded Leggings + Biker Leather

Studded Leggings + Biker Leather Source:

22 Black & White + Red Heels

Black & White + Red Heels Source:

23 Skinnies + Sunnies

Skinnies + Sunnies Source:

24 Short Shorts + White Blazer = New Preppy

Short Shorts + White Blazer = New Preppy Source:

25 Gorgeous Print Dress

Gorgeous Print Dress Source:

26 Skirt + Sweatshirt

Skirt + Sweatshirt Source:

27 Beautiful Black Jumpsuit

Beautiful Black Jumpsuit Source:

28 Print Pants + Cropped Blazer

Print Pants + Cropped Blazer Source:

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