She's Expecting Again Let's Look Back at 23 of Kim K's Maternity Styles ...


Hooray for new babies, and another round of Kim K's stellar maternity style! Here's a look back at some of Kim's best mommy-to-be ensembles (she seemed to have a thing for black and white when she was pregnant with North) - I wonder what she'll wear this time around?

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Gorgeous in Grey

Gorgeous in Grey Source: Celebrity Pregnancy Confessions


Beautiful in Black Lace

Beautiful in Black Lace Source: kim kardashian black lace dress


Best-Ever Black & White

Best-Ever Black & White Source: A fright in frills! Pregnant


Stunning in Stripes

Stunning in Stripes Source: The Sun


Little Baby-Bump Black Dress

Little Baby-Bump Black Dress Source: Fashion For > Kim Kardashian


Beige Belly

Beige Belly Source: Before She Boxes Up Her


Ravishing in Red

Ravishing in Red Source: Kim Kardashian Style: Kim Kardashian


Wonderful White

Wonderful White Source: Kim Kardashian WOWS In Formfitting
Except for the shoes... My wish for Kim this time around is that she's able to wear comfortable shoes the entire 9 months.


Baby-Bump in Beige

Baby-Bump in Beige Source: DO&DON'T Embarazadas con estilo: cómo


Skinny Stripes in the Wind

Skinny Stripes in the Wind Source: Cute maternity clothing


Outrageous Orange

Outrageous Orange Source: Kim Kardashian's Baby Bump, Maternity


Flirty & Fun

Flirty & Fun Source: I'm over it/them


Pretty in Peach

Pretty in Peach Source: clothes ideas :)


Fabulous Floral

Fabulous Floral Source: Kim Kar Dash Soup


Belly Bump Bikini

Belly Bump Bikini Source: Pregnant Kim Kardashian Shows Off

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Kim overload! Please write articles about positive role models. Thanks

Who is Kim kardashian?

I agree with Colleen. This whole family is overrated the only 2 ppl I respect in this family are Bruce (now Caitlin) and probably Khloe because she's the realest

Never get tired of Kim 💕

I am SO sick and TIRED of hearing about her & her family. She bragged about her & miserable husband having sex 500 times a day to try and get pregnant again. Who does that? Someone who is desperate for attention and has NO morales. And who cares what she is wearing? Most women couldn't afford those clothes anyway. I wish the media would just ignore them all.

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