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She's Expecting Again Let's Look Back at 23 of Kim K's Maternity Styles ...

By Jennifer

Hooray for new babies, and another round of Kim K's stellar maternity style! Here's a look back at some of Kim's best mommy-to-be ensembles (she seemed to have a thing for black and white when she was pregnant with North) - I wonder what she'll wear this time around?

1 Gorgeous in Grey

Gorgeous in Grey Source: Celebrity Pregnancy Confessions

2 Beautiful in Black Lace

Beautiful in Black Lace Source: kim kardashian black lace dress

3 Best-Ever Black & White

Best-Ever Black & White Source: A fright in frills! Pregnant

4 Stunning in Stripes

Stunning in Stripes Source: The Sun

5 Little Baby-Bump Black Dress

Little Baby-Bump Black Dress Source: Fashion For > Kim Kardashian

6 Beige Belly

Beige Belly Source: Before She Boxes Up Her

7 Ravishing in Red

Ravishing in Red Source: Kim Kardashian Style: Kim Kardashian

8 Wonderful White

Wonderful White Source: Kim Kardashian WOWS In Formfitting
Except for the shoes... My wish for Kim this time around is that she's able to wear comfortable shoes the entire 9 months.

12 Baby-Bump in Beige

Baby-Bump in Beige Source: DO&DON'T Embarazadas con estilo: cómo

13 Skinny Stripes in the Wind

Skinny Stripes in the Wind Source: Cute maternity clothing

14 Outrageous Orange

Outrageous Orange Source: Kim Kardashian's Baby Bump, Maternity

15 Flirty & Fun

Flirty & Fun Source: I'm over it/them

18 Pretty in Peach

Pretty in Peach Source: clothes ideas :)

19 Fabulous Floral

Fabulous Floral Source: Kim Kar Dash Soup

21 Belly Bump Bikini

Belly Bump Bikini Source: Pregnant Kim Kardashian Shows Off

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